Red Sun Phenomenon, Progressive Blues Rock Band

Come out and Rock Out, with us !

About the Band

Red Sun Phenomenon's Logo showing the red sun shining through the silhouetted forest.

Who we are

Red Sun Phenomenon or R.S.P. is a Progressive Blues Rock Band  that is taking the world by Storm!

Their Explosive sound  is Incredible and captivates the crowd  with their own songs, which are always a collaborative meeting of the musical minds in the band. Since the band got together in 2017, they've written and performed many of their own tunes and are currently working on there 2nd debut album.

Always a powerful live music performance by members of R.S.P.  The bands front man Dylan Robinson has flawless execution shredding the guitar and his vocals are amazing too. Dylan is accentuated and harmonized by R.S.P's south-paw shredder/vocals Kelvin Mack, he really shreds a mean guitar and knows how to rock-out!

The driving force behind their explosive sound is their Drummer, Jay Wright. With smooth rolls and great timing he pounds out the tune in stunning rock form. 

Laying down the smooth, rich sound of the baseline with a stand and deliver attitude is Tone on bass.

Punching keys and hidden in the background is Red Sun's Keyboardist James Adams who's sound brings creative edge to entirety of the band.

The members of Red Sun Phenomenon are all individually very talented and experienced players and collectively their certainly a Power-house rock band to see live, at bars with live music. So Come Out and Rock Out, with Us !

Picture of the band on stage playing and wearing their black shirts and red ties.

We met at the Crossroads

Dylan and Kelvin first started a death metal band called "The Cabin Bastards" was formed and eventually that didn't work out. They would try making another band called "Cerberus" but that was not in the cards with the other members, so change was required. The Drummer was replaced by Jay Wright and then Jay brought former band-mate Tone White in the band to play bass. R.S.P. is Tone's third band with Jay  and first band with Dylan and Kelvin.  Shortly after the band was formed, the fifth and final member of R.S.P James Adams on the Keys jumped ship and well the rest is history. The band is now known as Red Sun Phenomenon.

Abstract picture of a male with flames coming off him playing a blue guitar with blue flames coming

Our Influences

Some of the greatest Rock bands in the world have influenced us. Such as  Led Zepplin, Rush, Joe Bonnamossa, Foo Fighters, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Judas Priest, Lamb of god and the list goes on.

Red sun phenomenon vol 2, 2020!

R.S.P Vol 2 Promo